Eboard Members for 2018-2019

President- Nick Molinari
Vice President- Cherie Peterson
Secretary- Johanna Roy
Treasurer and Web Master- Dan Nelson

High School Representatives- Jamie Grillo and Ben Liberto
Stacy Middle School Representatives- Joseph Strazulla and Alissa Holland
Woodland Representatives- Carla Lynch and TBD
Brookside Representative- Marianne O’Sullivan
Memorial Representative- Ellen Samiagio
and Grievance Chair- Noel BonTempo
Shining Star Representative- Patti Reed

Contract Available
The new contract for the Milford Teachers Association for 2015-2018 is now available. You can access it by clicking documents or by clicking: Milford Teachers Contract 2015 -2018.  The old contract will still by available to view at the documents page as well.